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Fascia is a sticky, web-like substance that attaches underneath the skin and is literally everywhere in the body. This connective tissue plays a role in every other system of the body; so when it is unhealthy, it leads to restricted motion, pain, nervous system dysfunction, depression, and so much more. (Click here for more information on fascia and why it needs to be released.) In this treatment series, Ashley Black's specially designed FasciaBlasting system is used to to help reverse damage from injuries or postural deficiencies by "brushing" the tangles out of the fascia, thereby releasing adhesions and allowing the tissue to re-hydrate and be restored to optimal health, so you can take back control of your body.

This jump start boot camp begins with an assessment of your fascia lines and a personal training session to teach you how to use your home care kit along with your recommended daily protocol to get the most out of your series. You will receive (10) 2-hour professional treatment sessions; see details below.


Package Total: $1845



Personal Training:

1st-10th Sessions:





$145 each


Optional Add-ons:

CranioSacral Therapy - $15 per 15 minutes

Upgrade to 2.5-hr session: $60 per session


* The deposit price may vary slightly, depending on the recommended home kit, based on your needs and goals.



This myofascial massage work is beneficial for most everyone, as it can be very gentle or deep, depending on the condition of your tissue; and each session is customized based on your goals and progress. In line with the Fitness Boot Camp analogy, your session will begin with a "warm-up", literally, utilizing thermo- (heat) therapy to warm the area(s) to be treated. During these 15 minutes, you will lay between heated mats in a dimly lit room with soft music playing. This time allows your mind and body to disengage from your hectic day and start the relaxation process. Along with the heat, this makes your tissues more pliable and prepares them for the treatment. Next, the "cardio" phase, during which your therapist will use the FasciaBlaster tools to untangle fascial restrictions, relieve inflammation, and restore range of motion. A specialized BlasterOil, infused with thermogenic properties, is used to help further heat your tissue internally and enhance the treatment. Then, the treated area will be briskly massaged to help flush out the old, stagnant fluids and allow new blood and lymphatic fluid to bring healing nutrients and extra oxygen into the treated tissue. In the "strength-training" phase, depending on the length of your session, your therapist may use various trigger point deactivation and muscle activation techniques to help you restore neuromuscular connections and strengthen your movement capability and fluidity. Next, AfterBlaster Cream will be applied; this careful blend of arnica, aloe vera, and vitamin C is perfect for calming and stabilizing the skin, providing antioxidants to the tissue, and reducing inflammation. And finally, you will end with cryo- (cold) therapy on or under a KryoMat, again having 15 minutes to allow the lower temperature to activate the body's natural detox process and deepen relaxation.


Recommendation: Add a CranioSacral Therapy treatment to assist your Nervous System to deeply integrate the session results.

$15 per 15 minutes.


* Make sure you are well-hydrated every day. Fascia is a gel-like substances and needs plenty of water to be healthy.

* Keep in mind, as with any treatment, individual results vary. For some, progress comes slower, so do not compare yourself to others; look at where you started vs where you are now. It is essential that you follow your daily home-care protocol. Many other factors also make a difference, such as: genetics, hydration, diet, sleep, daily movement and/or exercise, etc. With a regular routine of fascial work, (professional and/or self-care at home), combined with a healthy lifestyle, you will continue to see results. This treatment series is a jump start for you to learn about the fascia in your own body and how to start healing it.

* Be sure to check out our FasciaBlasting 101 page for more helpful information.

* These boot camps are structured in a way to maximize results and help you to set up a regular routine of self-care maintenance. Sessions are scheduled during consecutive weeks, so that time in between treatments is minimized. This supports the nervous system in adopting new patterns in the myofascial system, giving you quicker and longer-sustaining results. Before beginning your boot camp, please ensure that there are no conflicts with your personal schedule for the duration of the series.

- Sessions may be scheduled 1 per week over 8 weeks or 2 per week over 4 weeks. This boot camp can be repeated as often as desired. No downtime is required in between series.


- A non-refundable deposit that includes the take-home product kit is required. In certain cases, some products may be special ordered, so this deposit is not refundable for any reason.

- A credit card is required to be on file, but it will not be charged until each reservation date. At the time of the appointment, you can choose your method of payment.

- All treatments must be scheduled at the time of package booking to ensure availability within the series' eight-consecutive-week time frame. If you choose to not pre-book your sessions, the spa is not responsible if there are no available appointments; your therapist will not be required to work outside of normal operating hours or days.

- A session may be rescheduled/canceled for a $35 fee that will be charged to your card on file. In addition, if rescheduled/canceled with less than 24 hours notice, a late rescheduling fee of up to 50% will also be charged. (Reschedule/Cancellation Fees are not charged for illness. Please review these on our Spa Policies page by clicking here.)

- In the case of failure to show, the credit card on file will be charged the full session price for that appointment.

- You may choose to pay for the entire treatment series up front; but please note that prepayments are not refundable for any reason. If you have to cancel or reschedule a session, it will not be refunded. We will try to reschedule you within the series' week, but if your therapist is already booked, the session will be forfeit. (If rescheduled/canceled with less than 24 hours notice, late cancellation fees will also apply.)


MasterBlaster 1.png


The MasterBlaster™ combines the detailed approach of the FaceBlaster™ with the reach of the original FasciaBlaster®. It comes with 9 small claws and a sleek, lightweight bar for full body ultimate coverage. When used with brisk strokes and light pressure at the surface layer of the skin, this is the ultimate prep tool. But when using advanced techniques and deeper pressure, it becomes a refining tool, giving you a great 2-in-1 option.

AfterBlaster Cream, 3.5oz.png


The AfterBlaster Cream is infused with arnica, a well known healing agent; a scientifically proven oat derivative that tightens and firms the skin; and Vitamin C and aloe vera to provide antioxidants to the tissue and reduce inflammation. When these elements are combined, they are the perfect post blast cream to calm and stabilize the skin and can help take your experience to a whole new level. Your skin will feel amazing, and you will love the light, refreshing scent.

Mini 2 1.png


The Mini 2™ allows for easy single-handed FasciaBlasting. You can deploy all the techniques of the FasciaBlaster® in hard to reach areas such as the inner thighs, neck, and arms. The Nugget tips on the Mini 2™ which allows for smooth transitioning between FasciaBlasting and trigger point therapy. It's perfect for travel and "on the go" FasciaBlasting sessions. The Mini 2™ is our most versatile tool yet, and a must-have for FasciaBlaster® users!

Kryopack Spot.png


- Extra gel to mold to the body

- Perfect for spot bruises

- Great for local or acute injury

- Lay across your forehead

- On the go quick cooling

- The Fascia Boot Camp includes 2 packs

BlasterOil, 3.4oz.png


The density and consistency allow the FasciaBlaster® tools to glide smoothly over the skin. It's also infused with a special ingredient that is proven in published studies to activate the fat burning cells in adipose tissue. Every use feels like a vacation, with coconut, lavender and fresh breeze essence to invigorate the senses. The bottle comes with an attachable spray nozzle so you can apply it to target areas without getting your hands oily, which is ideal for gripping the FasciaBlaster®.

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