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Achieve natural stress relief with Kneipp hydrotherapy products that are enriched with calming essential oils and other ingredients for silky smooth and deeply nourished skin. The naturally pure, deep Luisenhaller salt contains a high content of minerals and trace elements and has a unique structure that optimally absorbs essential oils. Also, it is protected from environmental pollution and is therefore free from harmful residues; so you can sit back, relax, breathe deeply and enjoy the scent of the essential oils in these bath salts. Depending on the plant from which the oils were extracted, there are different effects on body and mind, from relaxation to stress relief to pain management and more.

Kneipp Goodbye Stress Rosemary & Water Mint Aromatherapy Body Wash.png


Aromatherapy Body Wash

Orange peel oil adds a subtle sweetness to this herbaceous blend of Rosemary, Water Mint, Eucalyptus and Camphor essential oils. This cool, refreshing body wash foams up for a rich, nourishing cleanse that moisturizes the skin, clears the mind, and energizes the body leaving you ready to take on the day.

Made with a soothing, plant-derived formula and nature’s most powerful botanicals and essentials oil to lock in moisture and prevent post-wash dryness.

Kneipp Back Comfort Bath Salt - devil's claw.png


Mineral Bath Salt

A spicy, captivating reprieve. Ultra-powerful Devil's Claw Extract is used to help fight inflammation, relieve arthritis pain, soothe headaches, ease neck, shoulder, and low back tension and soreness, as well as other ailments. The deep red water brings warmth and energy to help you find comfort and relief faster for your tired, aching body.

- Cajeput oil, devil’s claw, and mint essential oils deliver a simultaneously warming and cooling effect to soothe and relax.

Kneipp Goodbye Stress Bath Salt - water mint and rosemary.png


Mineral Bath Salt

This luxuriously refreshing bath salts create an indulgent aromatherapy experience that helps clear the mind, quiets overactive thoughts, and leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed with positive energy.

- Herbaceous rosemary essential oil helps energize body and mind.
- Mint, eucalyptus, and camphor essential oils offer the cool, refreshing feel of a crisp morning.

- Orange peel oil adds a subtle sweetness.

Kneipp Muscle Soothing Bath Salt - juniper.png


Mineral Bath Salt

This refreshing blend of valuable essential oils delivers a cooling sensation that can help relax and soothe your overworked muscles and mind. Breathe deeply during this treatment and revive from your hectic day. Juniper invigorates the mind to deliver a boost of clarity and energy whenever fatigue hits.


- The crisp, distinctive fragrances of juniper, wintergreen, and rosemary can help stimulate the senses.

- The cooling sensation from these oils can help refresh tired muscles.

Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath Salt - red poppy and hemp.png


Mineral Bath Salt

Escape from life’s everyday stresses with this intoxicating blend of nourishing and aromatic plant oils. Red poppy, bergamot, and cannabis sativa seed oil promote the deep relaxation required for a good night’s sleep.

- Red poppy and hemp provide relaxing and serene moments.

- Hemp seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids that help promote moisture retention and support the skin’s natural barrier for beautiful, glowing skin.




Mineral Bath Salt

Arnica Extract, Cabreuva, Rosemary, and Pine soothe sore muscles with every soak. Your joints and muscles will start to feel rejuvenated with the aid of one of nature’s most powerful plants. The vibrant saffron color transforms your bathtub into a sanctuary for easing strain and boosting positivity. 


- Potent arnica and mineralizing salts deliver soothing support.

- The senses delight in the aromatic blend of rosemary, pine, orange peel, and eucalyptus.

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