Health Questionnaire & Informed Consent Forms

Before your visit we ask that you please fill out an initial intake form. The purpose of this form is to gather information about you and your general health to ensure that our treatments are above all safe for you, but also as comfortable and effective as possible. Your answers will allow us to tailor each treatment specifically for your needs and preferences.


These forms are required as consent to perform your requested services, so please fill out the appropriate form(s) and submit prior to arriving for your appointment. If you have not done so before you arrive, the actual hands-on portion of your treatment may have to be cut short to accommodate for filling out the form(s). Click on the service below to be directed to the online form.

Chemical Peel and Microdermabrasion Resurfacing Treatments


Face Waxing


Body Waxing


Please note: If your form has been successfully submitted, you will receive a note that says, "Thank you; your form has been submitted. We're looking forward to seeing you!". If this message does not appear, please check the form carefully to ensure that all required entries have been filled out. If something does not apply to you, please enter N/A or None in the answer box. Feel free to contact us with any questions or issues. Thank you!

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Other days and times may be available outside normal office hours. Feel free to call, text, or email us for options.