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These upgrade and add-on services are designed to enhance your massage treatment by providing additional benefits, such as increased pain relief and deeper relaxation. Some enhancements are shortened, less-expensive versions of our Body Treatments, allowing you to combine massage therapy with skin exfoliation, hydration, etc. You can also use these enhancements to build your own customized massage package. Choose just one or choose many! [We may be able to provide a discount for multiple enhancements. Text us for details.]


Head Massage

head, neck, and chest

Nourishing Scalp Massage

If desired, a head massage is included in most massage sessions. Choose this service for an additional 10 minutes dedicated to the scalp with a nourishing oil blend or invigorating essential oil.​

Renewal Eye Mask

Refresh tired, puffy eyes instantly. This treatment features red algae and helps minimize the appearance of aging, puffiness, and dark circles. It also improves firmness and tone.

Revivify Face Mask

This treatment features coconut water, aloe, and flower extracts to help replenish the skin. The Japanese sheer-cotton mask gently tones and tightens, lifts the look of aging eyes, and deeply hydrates by utilizing Hydro GPS smart technology to seek out and infuse hydration to the most dehydrated areas of your skin.

MatteMUD Face Mask

Treat your skin to a purifying mud facial. This treatment features Kaolin Clay and Green Tea Extract to absorb excess oil in trouble areas and tighten pores, giving your skin a little TLC and leaving it with a porcelain matte finish. Suitable for all skin types.

Collagen Hydrogel Neck & Chest Mask

This treatment cools the skin while infusing collagen and other age-defying ingredients for more youthful, smooth, and supple looking skin. Super hyaluronic acid hydrates and retains moisture. Cica helps strengthen the skin. Nine different peptides and stem cells nourish the skin and promote cell turnover.

$20  Nourishing Scalp Massage

$20  Renewal Eye Mask

$20  Revivify Face Mask

$20  MatteMUD Face Mask

$20  Collagen Neck & Chest Mask


muscle & joint relief

Deep Relief Mineral Mud Compress

A soothing gel with arnica extract and natural mountain pine oil is layered with a cream containing arnica blossom plus emollient plant oils to further soothe muscles in need of comfort and support, as well as providing pain relief for arthritic joints. Next, a layer of Deep Moor mud is applied and wrapped with essential oil and mineral salt-infused warm towels. As the compress rests for 15-20 minutes, the natural healing ingredients work together to provide a simultaneously warming and cooling effect that calms joints and muscles. After the towels and mud are removed, attention is given to releasing the outer layers of fascia to prepare the tissues for deeper work. Now that circulation has been encouraged and inflammation pulled out, the muscles are massaged, and finally, the spot treatment ends with an arnica and camphor cooling gel that refreshes and re-energizes.

Note: The compress can be applied to the shoulders, elbows, hands/wrists, abdomen, feet/ankles, back, knees, or calves.

Hot Towels and Arnica Oil

At the end of the treatment, compression massage will be done with hot towels infused with mineral salts and essential oils. Then, a nourishing arnica joint and muscle oil blend will be used - the perfect solution to soothe tired, overworked muscles or after dealing with a stressful day in the office.

Massage Cupping

Coming Soon

Percussion Therapy

The human body loves vibration and typically responds very quickly and positively to techniques that employ it. Innovative technology has now brought us tools that assist us to deepen the benefits of this technique. With this massage, we are able to achieve deep tissue tension relief as well as address delicate tissue or sensitive areas.

$40  Deep Relief Mineral Compress

$40  Hot Towels and Arnica Oil

$30  Massage Cupping

$15  Percussion Therapy

Mud Spa


Smoothing & Moisturizing Mud Mask

First, a smoothing exfoliant is applied all over the back, followed by a brightening cleanser. Next, a lavender lotion is layered with a mineral-rich mud to purify, soothe, nourish, and revitalize the skin. The mud wrap sits for 15-20 minutes, while the legs and feet are massaged. Next, the mud is removed with warm towels and the back is massaged. Lastly, a moisturizing soufflé and peppermint-infused nourishing oil are used to lock in hydration.

$40  Soothing Mineral Back Treatment

$40  Deep Relief Mineral Compress (see description under muscle & joint)



Just You Sessions

By request, we've added some unique "just you" offerings to our service list. Sometimes it can be hard to achieve perfect peace and relaxation when at home. A spa treatment, whether therapeutic or relaxing, can definitely help with that, but these 15-minute sessions take it a step further. This time is just for you to enjoy alone - that's right, all by yourself. The dim lighting and tranquil music set the mood. As you lay on the heated treatment table, specially designed bolsters take pressure off the neck and back, while a weighted blanket provides gentle pressure, like a warm hug, that helps to calm the mind and body, creating an ease in stress and pain. During the Sleep After session, you have your choice of the weighted blanket or a KryoMat for inflammation-reducing cold therapy.


Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for therapeutic benefit. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries. When inhaled, the scent molecules in essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and especially impact the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain. Essential oils can also be absorbed by the skin and can help relax tight muscles during a massage.


$15   Rest Before

$15   Sleep After

$15  Aromatherapy


hands and feet

Hydrating Hand Mask

This mask replenishes the skin's moisture barrier and promotes elasticity. It features soybean and hyaluronic acid, and is perfect for dry, dull, or dehydrated skin.

Exfoliating Foot Mask

This mask gently exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal healthier looking skin, then smooths and softens feet. Perfect for rough, callused, dehydrated skin. 

Replenishing Foot Soak

The most natural way to put life back into tired feet is with a therapeutic footbath treatment. While relaxation and soft skin are the most obvious health benefits, a foot soak also  increases your overall body temperature, which can relieve muscle and mental tension, stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, and both calm and energize, simultaneously soothing and awakening the entire body, especially when done on a regular basis.

This treatment begins with a warm footbath, including your choice of purifying moor mud herbal foot soak or a salt soak infused with essential oils and minerals. A heating pad gently warms the muscles of the back while the feet soak. After 15 minutes, the feet are removed from the bath and gently towel dried before a hydrating product is lightly massaged into the skin.

Deluxe Foot Soak Replenishing Package

This treatment is the ultimate in full body relaxation, hydration, and rejuvenation. It

begins with a brightening foot cleanse and warm footbath as described above. In addition, while the feet are soaking and the back muscles are being soothed with a heating pad, various treatment masks are applied, including: a hydrating or purifying face mask; age-defying neck and chest masks; and hydrating hand mask. After the soak, an exfoliating foot mask and a renewing eye mask will be applied and your massage session will begin.

Smoothing & Moisturizing Mud Mask

First, a smoothing exfoliant is applied to the feet, followed by a brightening cleanser. Next, a lavender lotion is layered with a mineral-rich mud to purify, soothe, nourish, and revitalize the skin. The mud wrap sits for 20-30 minutes, while the body massage is begun. Next, the mud is removed with warm towels and the feet are gently massaged with a moisturizing soufflé and peppermint-infused nourishing oil to lock in hydration, and the body massage is continued.

$20  Hydrating Hand Mask

$20  Exfoliating Foot Mask

$25  Replenishing Foot Soak

$85  Deluxe Foot Soak Replenishing Pkg

$40  Revitalizing Mineral Hand Treatment

$40  Revitalizing Mineral Foot Treatment

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