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We are excited about your interest in healing your fascia, and can't wait to see what changes you create! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you in every way we can. In the meantime, we have curated some of the most important information from Ashley Black to get you started. Simply click the links to download each PDF file.

Pro Tips for FasciaBlasting

Read online below, or click the above link to download a PDF.

Registration Info

If you purchased your FasciaBlaster tool from us, you can register your device for the warranty by clicking here.

- Date of Purchase

- A copy of the purchase receipt

- Purchased at Other: Blue Diamond Body and Skin in Bryant, AR

- Serial number (located on the device or inside the box lid)



How to Use

◊ For best results, it’s important to work from the outside in!

  • Start with a small-clawed tool to target the outer layers.

  • As your fascia begins to “open up”, you can progress to a large-clawed tool, which will go deeper into the fascia layers around and within the muscles.

  • Eventually, you will progress to using a Nugget tip for stubborn areas.

  • As you continue progressing, your sessions might include all three tools: a small-clawed tool to prep, a large-clawed tool for deeper massage, and then a tip to refine the tissue.

  • Note: If you only have a large-clawed tool, that is totally okay! It may take a little longer to reach your goals, but you’ll still achieve amazing results! Just make sure to keep your pressure very light in the beginning.


◊ Warm up and cool down.

  • We recommend heating up before beginning your session. This helps to prep your body by softening the tissues and starting fluids to move. Use an infrared sauna, a moist heating pad, a bath or shower, exercise, hot towels, etc.

  • After your session, cooling down will reduce inflammation, move fluids out reducing toxins and swelling, as well as burn fat cells. Sounds like a win-win to us! Our favorite cool down is with the KryoMats and KryoPacks, but you can also take a cold bath or shower or even use wet, cold towels.

  • Bonus tip: If you have sensitivity to cold, add extra layers of cloth between your skin and the Mat or Pack. You can also take it out of the freezer when you begin your session and let it thaw for a few minutes. If you are extra sensitive, keep them in the fridge instead of the freezer until you can work up to colder temperatures.

◊ Use on bare skin with an oil that has little or no absorption into the skin.

  • If you’re in a time crunch, some pain relief may be gained when used over clothing; however, the tissue remodeling will work if the tools are used directly on the skin.

  • And you always want to make sure you have plenty of oil on the skin to allow the tools to glide easily along the surface. Otherwise, the friction will be quite painful and delicate tissue can be damaged. We love the BlasterOil for its tissue-warming and fat-melting properties. (And the amazing lavender and coconut scent!) But any oil that does not absorb quickly into the skin works just fine. A non-scented BlasterOil is also available.

  • Using a product after isn’t necessary, but AfterBlaster cream contains a patented combination of healing agents for increased circulation, such as Arnica, and botanicals for skin tightening.


◊ Use light, brisk, linear strokes – up and down, side to side, diagonal – but never circular.

  • Think about textured, curly hair. If you were to take a brush and run it in circular motions throughout the hair, what would happen? It would tangle! It is the same with your fascia. We are using the tools to brush the tangles out; but if you move in circular motions, the sticky tissue will tangle.

We recommend that you work each area for a minimum of 1-5 minutes, and for no more than 10 minutes.

  • Start with light, brisk strokes, gradually adding a little more pressure, as your comfort level allows.

  • If you are using a tool on thin skin, always use the device very lightly.

  • You can choose to focus on one area or multiple areas per Blasting session.

Don’t be afraid of changes.

◊ We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘It will get worse before getting better.’ But in the world of Fasciology, and particularly when looking at cellulite, the truth is that we get “Better Before Better”.

You may see more “lumps and bumps”, “dents”, or things like these. That’s okay! It’s normal. You have successfully begun to release and smooth the outer superficial layers and are beginning to see what lays underneath. Trust the process and keep going! These layers will smooth out too.

  • Your cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks, etc. are disappearing, your pain is lessening, your range of motion is increasing, but your skin seems as if it’s beginning to sag. Don’t panic! Your fascia is becoming healthy, your lymphatic system is functioning better and moving fluids out of your body, reducing swelling, and your muscles are being freed from restriction. However, your access to these muscles has been restricted for so long that the muscle fibers have atrophied and simply need to be built back up. So, trust the process and keep going! Blasting will continue to improve the health of your skin and adding in some exercise with light weights will increase your muscle tone and size.

  • You had a great Blasting session, and you start your normal workout program, but your muscles seem to fatigue quicker than usual. Nothing bad has happened! When our fascia is bound, it tightens around all the structures inside it, including muscles, bones, and nerves. It also restricts the blood flow, lymphatic movement, and innervation to these areas. Think of a water hose with a kink in it – you still get water moving through the hose but at a slower rate and less volume. Or if your old radio isn’t plugged in to the outlet completely, you might get static, or nothing at all, because the flow of electricity is hindered. It works similarly in the body. But when access to a particular muscle is lessened, or even cut off, because the electrical flow of the nervous system is hindered, the body will recruit surrounding muscles to keep you moving. Now, that your nerves and muscles have been freed, the nervous system is asking the individual muscles to carry their full load instead of asking for assistance. That’s a good thing. Now, your neuromuscular connections can be reestablished, and your muscles will start getting stronger.

Document your progress!

We can’t stress this enough. Being able to look back at where you started can be a powerful motivator. In many cases, you will be experiencing micro changes. These are hard, if not impossible, for us to notice in ourselves on a daily basis. But if you have something to compare yourself to, it is much easier to see how much phenomenal progress you have actually made!

  • We recommend taking pictures at the beginning. For some of us, this can be a little offsetting; but recognize that you are on a healing journey to take back control of your body. Trust us, you will love being able to progress.

  • You may also want to take measurements for comparison. As your fascia begins to heal, vital functions begin working better, the body starts to realign, solid bloat begins to detox, and all these other amazing changes start to take place.

  • If you are a tracker and love planners, ask us about The Daily Companion Guide.

Drink lots of water!!

◊ Not just before, during, and after a session, but throughout the day every day. We are working to rehydrate your fascia; but if you aren’t putting water in your body, there will be nothing to rehydrate with.

◊ And SKIP. THE. SUGAR. We are trying to smooth your fascia and get it to glide easily again, but sugar is sticky. So cut out, or at the very least limit your intake of, sugary drinks and foods.

Short on Time

◊ Take a few minutes to blast in the shower, using your body wash. You’re already undressed, and you don’t have to take the time to rub the oil in or wash it off. Make sure to finish up with the AfterBlaster cream.


Sensitive/Painful Areas

◊ Warming up the tissues helps with sensitivity; however, if the area is extremely sensitive, you may need to start with some disarming techniques for a few days to disarm or desensitize the nervous system. Let us know if you need some help with this.

◊ Start with a small-clawed tool with very light pressure; in fact, once you start your session, go lighter, even if you think you can’t. It’s amazing how much force we can use and not even be aware of it!

◊ Slow down. Typically, we use brisk strokes; but if your nervous system is on guard, or protective, for some reason, slowing down helps your brain to keep pace with what is happening. This is a new sensation your body is experiencing, so the nervous system may need extra time to adapt to it.

◊ Try Grounding. The earth’s surface has an abundance of electrons that have a natural negative electrical charge. When you touch the ground with your bare feet or body, it dissipates static electricity and extraneous environmental electrical charges that are on you. At the same time, you receive a charge of energy in the form of free electrons and your body synchronizes with the natural frequencies of the earth. This is called being “grounded.” When we have a build up of positive electrons in our body, we begin to suffer from inflammation and pain. The exchange of these excess positive electrons for the ground’s negative electrons begins to balance the body and remove inflammation. From personal experience, Blasting after Grounding allows me to treat all areas of my body without intense pain.

◊ Always, always listen to your body’s pain signals. For many of us, we’ve become accustomed to a certain level of pain because of chronic conditions. As a society, we’ve also been conditioned to believe that treatments must hurt to be helpful – No Pain, No Gain, right? Wrong! Pain is a warning signal from your nervous system that something undesirable is happening. However, there is a therapeutic zone of pain that is a useful diagnostic tool. Along with this discomfort you will feel a sense of release or even of relief, like that stretch that “hurts so good”. But if it is so painful that you find yourself holding your breath or your body tensing up, that’s the nervous system telling you that you need to change how you are working on that area: Lighten your pressure. Slow your speed. Change which FasciaBlaster tool you are using. Or take a break; let that area rest before coming back to it. If it is still painful after all these changes, it’s probably best not to keep working on the area during this session.

◊ Most importantly, DON’T GIVE UP! Experiencing pain can be scary, frustrating, disheartening. Especially when we think we may have found something that can help, and even more especially when we see others able to use the FasciaBlasters with seemingly greater ease and results. But every person’s fascial system and nervous system is unique. It may take a while of trial and error to determine what the best protocol for you is – which tools to use, what pressure to use, how often to Blast, etc. You won’t lose any benefits from using the tools at a slower pace than you might see others doing online. In fact, by working within your nervous system’s tolerances, you’ll achieve greater personal gains more quickly than you will by following someone else’s protocol instead of your own. It is possible for you to find success!! We are here to help you every step of the way.

Possible Bruising

When done properly and according to FasciaBlasting guidelines, the tools do not create harmful or painful bruising, but some possible mild bruising is anticipated. FasciaBlasting stimulates the body’s natural inflammation and healing process, causing the brain to send extra blood flow to needed areas. This micro-trauma is something like the micro-tears when first beginning a new exercise workout. The process brings fresh oxygen, minerals, and healing agents to the area, while at the same time flushing out old blood and lymphatic fluids that have been trapped in the area.

  • Always use the tools with moderation and within your pain tolerance and your body's readiness for depth of work.

  • If mild bruising occurs, use your best judgement and allow your tissue to complete the healing detox process and calm before returning to using your FasciaBlaster tools.

  • If bruising is severe and/or does not resolve within a few days, discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.


◊ Use tools anywhere on the body except:

  • Never use a large-clawed tool on the delicate tissues of the face.

  • Never use any tools in the axillary region. Our armpits contain some super important neurovascular structures, including the axillary artery, axillary vein, brachial plexus, and lymph nodes.

  • Never use any tools on the vagus nerve (located deep in the neck), on the carotid arteries (located on each side of the neck), or directly on any other artery.

  • Never use any tools directly on varicose veins.

  • Never use any tools on the genitals.

  • Never use any tools internally.

  • Never use any tools on areas that are inflamed, irritated, contain open wounds, or on areas with evidence of infection; (i.e., cuts, scrapes, wounds, rashes, cysts, acne, or other sensitive skin conditions).

  • Never use any tools on areas with swelling, bruising, or soreness.

  • Ladies, do not use any tools on your breast tissue. Working around the breasts will be enough to release this entire delicate area. In fact, you may even experience a lift!

  • Never use any tools on an area that you want to retain volume. For instance the cheeks, work above and below them to keep their round fullness. Or if you like how round and full your bottom is, do not blast directly on your glutes. Work on the area at the very top, where these tissues connect to the low back, and work on the glute-hamstring tie-in, where they connect to the legs.


Precautions and Contraindications:

Please consult your healthcare professional before beginning any exercise, fitness, healthcare, or beauty program or regimen - including FasciaBlaster device usage protocols. Your Massage Therapist and Esthetician are not physicians and cannot give you medical advice on how FasciaBlasting may affect you.

Do not use any FasciaBlaster tools:

  • if you are taking anticoagulants or any other medication or supplement that causes blood-thinning.

  • if you have a history or possibility of blood clots.

  • if you have any blood disorders or conditions, (examples: deep vein thrombosis, phlebitis, hemophilia, etc.).

  • if you have a pulmonary or other embolism, an aneurysm, a neoplasm, or active cancer.

  • if you have liver cirrhosis, kidney disease, uncontrolled congestive heart failure, or other issues that cause the organs to not function properly/effectively and that may cause the body to have difficulty with detox.

  • if you have severe or uncontrolled neuropathy or other issues that impair your ability to feel sensations such as pain and/or pressure, etc.
  • if you have an acute infection or active virus.

  • on areas that are inflamed, irritated, contain open wounds, or show signs of infection (examples: cuts, scrapes, wounds, rashes, cysts, acne, or other active skin conditions.

  • on areas with swelling, bruising, soreness, or directly on varicose veins.

  • if you do not want to experience possible mild bruising or soreness.


For some medical conditions and health issues, you will need to consult with your healthcare provider before beginning a FasciaBlasting regimen. These include:

  • pregnancy or nursing

  • recent Botox or injectable fillers (generally requires a minimum of 48 hours and up to 2 weeks)

  • on or within 6 inches of recent surgical scars

  • on or within 6 inches of a recent skin graft

  • a history of skin or nerve issues

  • a history of serious viral infections or autoimmune condition

More information:

Check out the FAQ links on our website at for answers to other frequently asked questions.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns!! And we would love to hear about your successes. If you would like to share your story and/or any Before and After photos or videos, please send them to us at

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