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Before your visit we ask that you please fill out paperwork that will provide us with information about you and your general health to ensure that our treatments are appropriate for you and as comfortable and effective as possible. Your answers will allow us to tailor each treatment specifically to your everyday healthcare needs, goals, and preferences.


These forms are required as consent to perform your requested services. Please fill out and submit all required forms as close to 48 hours prior to your appointment as possible. Submitting the forms early allows the therapist to have a better idea of how best to prepare for your session, e.g. specific products or techniques that might be beneficial to you. It also allows for briefer consultations and longer hands-on time.

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Required: Before your initial visit for each service type and once per year after that


Includes: Your Contact Information, General Health Information, Medical Conditions/Health Issues, Informed Consent for Treatment & Waiver of Liability, Spa Policies & Booking Terms Agreement, and Marketing Waiver (optional)

Depending on what services are booked, your packet will also include some or all of the following:

Massage & Bodywork Intake and Informed Consent, PRF/FasciaBlasting Informed Consent, Massage Cupping Informed Consent, Spa Body Treatment Intake and Informed Consent, Facial & Skincare Intake and Informed Consent, Waxing Intake and Informed Consent 

Please answer all questions honestly and provide as much detail as possible when applicable.

Your packet can be accessed by clicking on the Health Intake button on this page.

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Required: Before every appointment after the initial visit

Includes: Review of Your Contact Information, General Health Information, Medical Conditions/Health Issues, and Informed Consent for Treatment

Please read your previous answers carefully to ensure that all information is updated accurately and completely before each visit.

A link to your update form will be emailed to you after your reservation has been made.

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These forms provide you with detailed information regarding treatments, benefits, considerations, contraindications, and pre- and post-recommendations and guidelines. These instructions, guidelines, and considerations should be reviewed and followed every time you receive any treatment or service. They are included in your Health Intake Packet, but you can also read, review, download, and print these documents on our Resources Treatment Guidelines page. Click here.

Important Note: If the required forms are not submitted prior to arrival, the hands-on portion of your treatment will be cut short to accommodate for filling out the form. If the service cannot be cut short, for example a waxing service, there will be a Late Paperwork Fee of $25 for the extra time to fill out the form after your arrival. If, while filling out the forms, it is determined that the scheduled services are contraindicated and no other services can be substituted, the appointment will be canceled and payment in full will be required in lieu of the Late Paperwork Fee.


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