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Goodbye Stress

This mineral salt soak uses a blend of essential oils to clear the mind and help stifle overactive thoughts. After this refreshing aromatherapy hot towel compress retreat, you will emerge feeling a renewed sense of positive energy.

- Herbaceous rosemary essential oil helps energize body and mind.
- Mint, eucalyptus, and camphor essential oils offer the cool, refreshing feel of a crisp morning.

- Orange peel oil adds a subtle sweetness.

Image by Nandita Dhindsa

Muscle Soothing

This refreshing blend of valuable essential oils delivers a cooling sensation that can help relax and soothe your overworked muscles and mind. Breathe deeply during this treatment and revive from your hectic day.


- The crisp, distinctive fragrances of juniper, wintergreen, and rosemary can help stimulate the senses.

- The cooling sensation from these oils can help refresh tired muscles.

Image by Raimond Klavins

Pure Bliss

Escape from life’s everyday stresses with this intoxicating blend of nourishing and aromatic plant oils. Hot towel compresses saturated in red poppy, bergamot, and cannabis sativa seed oil promote the deep relaxation required for a good night’s sleep.

- Red poppy and hemp provide relaxing and serene moments.

- Hemp seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids that help promote moisture retention and support the skin’s natural barrier for beautiful, glowing skin.


Muscle & Joint

A warm towel compress infused with arnica and restorative salts after a
workout or participating in strenuous activities can help with soothing and calming overactivated muscles and joints.


- Potent arnica and mineralizing salts deliver soothing support.

- The senses delight in the aromatic blend of rosemary, pine, orange peel, and eucalyptus.


Back Comfort

A spicy, captivating reprieve. Devil's claw is used to help fight inflammation and to relieve arthritis pain, headache, neck and low back pain, as well as other ailments. A hot towel compress infused with this essential oil mineral salt soak may be just what you need to find comfort and relief for your tired, aching body.

- Cajeput, devil’s claw, and mint essential oils deliver a simultaneously warming and cooling effect to soothe and relax.

This special treatment harnesses the powers of salt, essential oils, water, and heat to melt away stress and tension. We use an exclusive salt that is pure and uncontaminated, sourced from an ancient ocean 1,500 feet below the earth. The ancient thermal brine is free of chemical additives and environmental influences, producing salt in its purest form.  The unique salt crystal structure naturally absorbs more essential oils than smaller grain salt, allowing for a more concentrated, effective infusion. Packed with trace elements and minerals, thermal spring salt gently cleanses and softens the skin and helps support the body’s natural detoxification process.

Traditionally, washing the feet of another indicates reverence and appreciation. To show this is how we feel for you, your session will begin with a foot cleansing ritual. Inspired by ancient Egyptian milk baths, the silky body cleanser evens and brightens skin tone, as well as providing a light exfoliation to renew the skin of your feet with a blend of lactic acid and powerful natural ingredients. Next, a slightly deeper exfoliation will be achieved with a gentle salt scrub.

   Now, hot towel compresses infused with your choice of essential oil mineral salt blend will be draped under your neck, across your décolleté (chest), and wrapped around each foot and hand. A weighted blanket will then be placed on top of you while you rest, allowing the essential oils and salts to calm your mind, soften your skin, and relieve your muscles and joints before your massage treatment begins.

   Once the towels have been removed, your therapeutic massage will begin, tailored to your body's needs and your desired depth of pressure. Various techniques may be utilized to down-regulate your nervous system, release your fascia, and coax tension out of your muscles. Once attention has been given to your scalp, neck, arms and hands, and legs and feet, you will turn over to lie face down on the massage table. Hot towel compresses will now be placed along your spine and covering your entire back. While this is allowed to rest, the back of your legs will be massaged. And finally, this portion of your treatment will be concluded with removal of the compresses and massaging of your back.

   Next, more infused hot towels will be used to perform compression massage, helping to integrate the feeling of completeness of your entire body - upper and lower, back and front.

   Your treatment will end with a short CranioSacral Therapy session to relax your body and mind even more deeply and more fully harmonize all the scents, sensations, and beneficial changes you have experienced during your treatment, leaving you feeling calm, rested, healed.

Healing Salts Massage Treatment - $175


Essential Oil Infused Mineral Salt Options:

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