Arnica is a very versatile plant for those who are "on the go" all day, walkers, athletes, and anyone who is suffering from muscle and/or joint discomfort. The Arnica Montana Flower extract can help soothe and refresh tired muscles and joints. The mountain Arnica is a protected plant and can only be collected with permission. We love that Kneipp takes great care and is strongly committed to preservation and the balance of nature.


These products can safely be used every day, especially during parts of the day when you are most active, to help provide temporary comfort. Kneipp products are plant-based and contain high-quality plant oils and extracts that intensely nourish and balance the skin. Since they are natural, vegan products, their fatty acid structure is very similar to the lipids in human skin, allowing the nutrients to be easily absorbed into the skin for faster results. Each of the products can be used alone but work even better if used as a set.



Arnica and Mountain Pine

An especially high-quality formula with valuable arnica extract and natural mountain pine oil. The arnica active gel is ideal for soothing and caring for the body during and following physical activity, workouts and sports. By applying the Active Gel throughout the day when you are most active and engaging in strenuous activities, you can lighten the after effects related to overworked and overused muscles. Simply apply the arnica and mountain pine gel to your fingertips and massage in to your skin until completely absorbed. The refreshing, stimulating fragrance provides an invigorating sensation for the body.



Arnica Restorative Soak

Sourced from Germany’s ancient underground ocean at the Saline Luisenhall, this thermal spring salt is rich with trace minerals and elements including magnesium, calcium and zinc to gently cleanse and soften the skin while the warm bath water relaxes and revives tired bodies.

A specially curated blend of Pine, Rosemary, Siberian Fir, and Arnica essential oils provide a simultaneously warming and cooling effect to soothe overworked joints and muscles, while uplifting Orange Peel helps boost your spirits to keep you feeling good about all you have accomplished.



10% Arnica

Contains beneficial natural ingredients of the arnica blossom plus emollient plant oils to pamper and soothe muscles in need of comfort and support. Our Arnica cream contains 10% Arnica tincture for a powerful dose of Arnica solutions and benefits. By massaging the arnica cream into the skin on your problem areas, it can help to revitalize and soothe overworked and overused muscles as well as provide pain relief for arthritic joints. Its botanical ingredients can help jump-start the body so you can get on with your day. Experience the healing power of nature. The cream will not clog pores or leave a sticky, greasy residue.

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Calendula & Orange Foot Repair Butter

Healthy feet contribute greatly to our quality of life and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle. Calendula extract, known for its soothing properties, combined with shea butter and 10% moisture retaining urea, moisturizes, softens and helps to recondition the skin. In addition, rosemary essential oil can revitalize tired feet while orange essential oil is loaded in to deodorize the feet with a pleasant, citrus scent.

- Suitable for Diabetics
- Developed with Podiatrists
- Free of dyes and preservatives
- Free of paraffin, silicone, & mineral oils



25% Arnica Tincture

Especially useful for targeted areas. This gel contains two key powerful ingredients: arnica and camphor. Arnica has been used for centuries due to it's powerful healing qualities. Camphor is especially helpful for its cooling effects. When combined, these botanicals blend together to produce an arnica gel that stands out for its quality and effectiveness. Apply at the first sign of discomfort to get a head-start on recovery benefits. Apply the cooling arnica gel whenever you need to refresh and re-energize your body. Do not apply the gel to open cuts or wounds. Can be applied to bruises, sprains and swelling as long as there is no open wound. 



Deep Relief Mineral Compress

This therapeutic session begins with an application of active gel and attention is given to releasing the outer layers of fascia to prepare the tissues for deeper work. Next, an intensive cream is applied and then layered with a Deep Moor mud masque and wrapped with arnica and mineral salt-infused warm towels. After a brief rest, allowing the essential oils to work together to provide a simultaneously warming and cooling effect that soothes joints and muscles, the towels are removed and a cooling gel is applied. Now that circulation has been encouraged and inflammation pulled out, the treatment ends with massage.

This treatment can be applied to the shoulders, elbows, hands/wrists, abdomen, feet/ankles, back, knees, and calves.

$75     One area

$120   Two areas

Discounted pricing applies when incorporated into a massage service.