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Multiple Service Packages are a phenomenal way to enhance your experience at Blue Diamond Body and Skin Spa. We know how busy, stressful, and exhausting life can be; so we've made it our aim to combine not only some of the most popular treatments, but also those that will provide the most effective results with the most efficient use your of time. Or treat yourself and have a longer visit by combining two packages. Professional Massage and Skincare services may feel like an indulgence, but therapeutic and corrective work result in true, positive change. What else can do that?! If there is a service combination you are interested in that is not included in our list, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to put together a special package just for you.

Scheduling Notice: A non-refundable booking fee will be required at the time of scheduling for all Spa Packages. Please visit our Spa Policies page for more information.


ireland-Image by Jonas Fehre from Pixabay_edited.png

A calm state of mind. A state of physical balance...This upgraded 4-hand session features a facial, massage, and deep moor mineral essence treatments to help you find your equilibrium again.

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Find refuge from the hectic pace of life with this essential 2-hour 15-min spa package that provides total body relaxation with foot exfoliation, moisturizing body wrap, wellness massage, and more.

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Break free from the stress of the world for a few hours as you enjoy some well-deserved therapeutic pampering for your face, scalp, hands, feet, and body! Let go and rediscover a sense of well-being.

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Let your mind and body harmonize as you experience the pleasing aromas and comforting sensations of this treatment. This is a 4-hand treatment, performed by two therapists at the same time.

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Your entire being will relax with this upper body treatment. Feel your muscles loosen and your worries melt away with these back and facial treatments, followed by a Sleep After session.

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Awaken to possibilities as your mind is gently guided into awareness of your body, allowing you to let go of unrealized tension in your muscles. And revive tired skin to reveal the dynamic life within.

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sea-Image by shadi6454 from Pixabay_edited.jpg

Experience a pleasant change from the stressful demands of life with this 2-hour package that provides a wellspring of relaxation with a moisturizing body wrap, nourishing facial, and more.

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Serenity Massage Package-Flower-lotus-petals-dawn_1920x1440Ba.jpg

Enjoy layer upon layer of delectable aromatherapy and tactile stimulation with a wellness massage and revitalizing mineral treatment for the feet.

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Image by Zoltan Tasi

Let your mind wander as you feel your body unwind and your skin begin to glow. This short but sweet package was designed to restore your energy, improve your mood, and lift your spirits.

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