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The human body loves vibration and typically responds very quickly and positively to techniques that employ it. Innovative technology has now brought us tools that assist us to deepen these benefits. By rapidly pulsing muscle fibers with a gentle wave of pressure, local percussion and vibration therapy can improve circulation, reduce trigger point activity, and relieve common types of pain caused by tight muscles. With percussion, you can achieve something similar to a deep tissue massage; and you can address more delicate tissues such as the temples, scalp, and sensitive areas like the kneecaps with vibration.

PureWave by PADO Gen II Percussion and Vibration Massager

What are the benefits of using local vibration and percussion therapy?

  • Direct application can help to reduce acute muscle pain and can easily be added to a home program with devices such as the PureWave.

  • When used prior to exercise, it may reducing swelling, improve range of motion, and decrease post-workout Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

  • When combined with release techniques such as FasciaBlasting benefits are enhanced for pain pressure sensitivity, increasing proprioception (perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body), and decreasing DOMS.

We use PureWave Gen II by PADO at the Spa and recommend it for use at home in between your professional treatments. Here are some reasons why. PureWave massagers:

  • Are developed to deliver the ideal combination of depth (amplitude), RPMs, and force to achieve the most benefit and also make self-treatment as safe as possible.

  • Have a patented dual-motor technology. This allows you to have percussion and vibration on the same unit, making your personal therapy more versatile and convenient.

  • Include 8 innovative tips to target different areas and symptoms.

  • Utilize a variable speed dial, so you can fully customize the speed and pressure.

  • Have increased reach with an extended ergonomic handle, making it easy to treat harder-to-reach areas, such as the full back and hamstring (posterior thigh) muscles.

Percussion Tips

  • The Air Cushion Tip is a soft cushion attachment for general massage.

  • The Six-Head Tip is for deep tissue/sports massage on large muscle groups.

  • The 3D Pivot Tip has a swiveling wide arch design that glides over joints and hard angles.

  • The Point Tip can be used for targeting tension and scar tissue using acupressure and reflexology points

  • The 3D Stainless Applicator Tip has a wide surface for applying therapeutic cream or gel.

Vibration Tips

  • The Scalp Tip can be used to stimulate the scalp for relief and increased circulation.

  • The Migraine Tip provides pinpointed tissue vibration for such conditions as tension headaches, TMJD, and acute tendonitis.

a therapist using a percussion massager on the lower back of a client lying face down on a treatment table

How can you enjoy the benefits of this therapy?

Visit to purchase a home unit for you and your family. Our favorite, as showcased here, is the Gen II; but there are a couple of other options for you to check out, such as the CMX Sports version for athletes. If you click the button below and use code BLUEDIAMOND5, you will receive 5% off your purchase. This is an affiliate link, and we may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Thank you for your support!

Want to 'try before you buy'? Book a reservation for a 30-minute Percussion Therapy session or a 15-minute add-on to any massage treatment.

If you already have a PureWave massager and want some tips on how to get the most benefit for your personal goals, just ask your massage therapist during your next visit to our Spa.

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