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$77   Brazilian

$49   Bikini Line Only

$65    Deep Bikini

$54    Inner Thighs

$35    Underarms

$54    Half Arms

$86    Full Arms

$77    Half Legs

$150   Full Legs

$38    Low Back



$90   Back

$60   Chest

$60   Stomach

$90  Chest and Stomach

If you only need portions of these areas done, give us a text and we can arrange that for you. (For instance, if you only need the lower third of your back waxed.)


Why choose Blue Diamond Body and Skin for your waxing needs?

As someone who has dealt with sensitive skin, I fully understand the need for a wax that is gentle yet highly effective. I want to give my guests the best possible experience, meaning less pain and more results. That's why I import my wax from out-of-state. The waxes I use have a low temperature melting point and adhere only to the hair, not the skin. This results in a dramatic reduction in heat, pain, and redness. As there is minimal residue left after removal, there is no need to use potentially irritating removal oils.

Hair must be 1/4 inch long, usually at least 2 weeks of growth (about the length of a grain of rice). No special preparations are necessary, although it is a good idea beforehand to gently exfoliate the area(s) to be waxed. Before your first appointment begins, you'll be asked to fill out paperwork to make sure you have no contraindications to waxing, such as current sunburn, chemical treatment, or certain medications or product ingredients. And don't worry! Waxing, while not comfortable, is rarely as painful and scary as the media sometimes depicts. I'll walk you through each step and make sure you're comfortable throughout the entire process.

For Brazilian and Bikini Waxing, we also carry a product called No-Scream Cream, a topical anesthetic that can ease waxing discomfort by up to approximately 80%, making waxing services possible for most people, even very sensitive individuals. Most people do not need this product, but some who are very sensitive or who are concerned about their first waxes may find it beneficial. You can contact us to arrange a time to purchase and pick up the product ahead of time, so you'll have it available to apply 30 to 45 minutes prior to your appointment. Do not use if allergic to benzocaine, lidocaine, or any of the other  -caine anasthetics.

Click here for more detailed information regarding treatments, benefits, considerations, contraindications, and pre- and post-recommendations and guidelines for all waxing services.

The prices given are the full price you will pay. We do not accept tips and sales tax is not charged on spa services.

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