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Our Licensed Esthetician has over a decade and a half of experience in the skin care industry and is the first skincare therapist in the state of Arkansas to be trained in PRF as a Certified Blaster by Ashley Black's Fascia Advancement Academy. Our full suite of specialized ingredients and treatments inspire regeneration, brilliance, and youth without causing inflammation. Specialized techniques - such as Preventative Regenerative Fasciology (FasciaBlasting), Microcurrent therapy, and Green Power a natural alternative to Collagen Induction Therapy (Microneedling) / Microdermabrasion - are used to restore, balance, and lift the skin of the face, neck, and chest.  Below, you will find helpful descriptions of various facials that may be used as a starting point for your skincare treatment. If you’re unsure after reading the descriptions, just pick one that is within your time and money budget. We’ll have some questions for you to answer as part of your intake, and then she’ll customize whatever you need to address your unique needs and preferences by carefully selecting a combination of techniques and products as needed.

We also carry a wide range of professional-grade products to use at home to support whatever treatment you're receiving, whether it be for the face, body, or aftercare for waxing services. Why is this so important? Because 70-90% of your skin health depends on what you're using at home. Let us help you get going with a simple but effective regimen tailored to your needs and goals.

Click here for more information about skin therapy and how it can help you.

Click here for more detailed information regarding treatments, benefits, considerations, contraindications, and pre- and post-recommendations and guidelines for all facial and skincare services.

The prices listed are the full price of the treatment. We do not accept tips and there is no sales tax on spa services.

For a limited time, save over $100! Bundle a Skin Care Sampler Kit with a Restore, Rejuvenate, or ATP Booster Treatment for the price of the facial. There is a limited quantity of kits available, so book yours as soon as possible. You'll find these specials on the booking page under Current Features. One per customer. Cash, check, or credit card payments only. Book here.

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Relax with a basic facial that includes gentle cleansing, light exfoliation, and glowing hydration.

30-minute Glow treatment: $75

This is a good option if you are short on time, just need a little boost, or are in your young teens to early 20s before signs of aging start.

Click here for treatment details.



A unique, less invasive, natural alternative to Microneedling (CIT) and Microdermabrasion.


30-min Level 1 Energize treatment: $85

45-min Level 2 Energize treatment: $125

This option is recommended for all age groups and all skin types except for highly sensitive.

Click here for treatment details.

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A top-of-the-line treatment facial, this therapy focuses on bringing your skin back to its youthful vitality.

45-minute Restore treatment: $115

This option is ideal for all age groups and all skin types interested in maintaining healthy skin along with age prevention and management.

Click here for treatment details.



This treatment utilizes cutting-edge Nanotechnology, Acupressure, and the cool touch of Cold Therapy to deliver one of the Best. Facials. Ever.

60-min Nano Infusion treatment: $170

This option is ideal if you want quick results with no extended recovery time to maintain healthy, vibrant skin. Good for all skin types and ages.

Click here for treatment details.



Experience our premier facial treatment, featuring MyoLift Non-Invasive Microcurrent Facial Therapy.

60-min Rejuvenate treatment: $150

This option is ideal for all age groups interested in age prevention and management. It especially helps target advanced signs of aging.

Click here for treatment details.

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The ATP Booster Treatment naturally increases the skin’s inherent ability to renew itself. It combines over 10 active ingredients with microcurrent technology to deliver a skin-boosting treatment suitable for all skin types.

90-min ATP Booster: $215

Recover the health of aging or damaged skin for a firm and radiant appearance.

Click here for treatment details.

Image by Pırıl Osmanoğlu


This revolutionary package combines our two most effective facials into one powerhouse treatment! Including FasciaBlasting, Nano Infusion, and Microcurrent Therapy, this facial will turn the tables on aging!

2-hour Transform Facial Package: $295

Great for stimulating collagen production and tightening the matrix.

Click here for treatment details.

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Experience a pleasant change from the stressful demands of life with this 2.5-hr package that provides a wellspring of relaxation with a foot soak, moisturizing body wrap, nourishing facial, and more.

2.5-hour Oasis Facial Package: $275

Click here for package details.



A questionnaire completed a couple of days ahead of time will help us determine your skin type, needs, and goals. In-person, our therapist will examine your skin to ascertain which pro products and regimens will be most effective in helping achieve your goals. If you purchase a set of products the same day, the fee will be applied to your product purchase.

30-min In-depth Product Consult: $55

Relaxing Massage


A half hour devoted exclusively to the back for the ultimate in exfoliation, hydration, and relaxation. This treatment will soothe irritated skin, clear clogged pores, improve the tone and texture, leaving you with soft, bright, happy skin.

​30-min Clarify & Exfoliate: $85

A great option for a hard-to-reach area, this facial will leave you feeling pampered!

Click here for treatment details.




This consultation starts with an in-depth questionnaire completed ahead of time to help us determine your skin type, needs, and goals. The in-person portion allows our esthetician to observe your skin to determine which pro treatments and scheduling options will be most effective in helping you achieve your skin goals.

30-min In-depth Consult: $55



Click here for additional Spa Package options, that include combinations of massages and facials and/or body treatments.

Click here for more information on Microcurrent Facial Therapy.

Click here to book your reservation online.



Your entire being will relax with this upper body treatment. Feel your muscles loosen and your worries melt away with these back and facial treatments, followed by a Sleep After session.

1 hr 15 min Calm Facial Package: $165

Click here for treatment details.



These treatments blend the best of science and nature to deliver skin rejuvenation at a cellular level. Chemical peels are only performed on skin that has been pre-conditioned with professional treatments and select daily at-home products. ​Click here for treatment details.

30-min In-depth Consult: $55


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