Just You Sessions

By request, we've added some unique "just you" offerings to our service list. Sometimes it can be hard to achieve perfect peace and relaxation when at home. A spa treatment, whether therapeutic or relaxing, can definitely help with that, but these 15-minute sessions take it a step further. This time is just for you to enjoy alone - that's right, all by yourself. The dim lighting and tranquil music set the mood. As you lay on the heated treatment table, specially designed bolsters take pressure off the neck and back, while a weighted blanket provides gentle pressure, like a warm hug, that helps to calm the mind and body, creating an ease in stress and pain. Take advantage of your time at the spa by adding one or both of these services to any treatment, or even schedule as a 30-minute stand-alone session if you just need some quiet alone time.


Not sure which facial to choose? No worries! Before your session begins, your skincare therapist will briefly consult with you to help customize which treatment would be best for you, ensuring a truly dynamic and effective experience.

Premier Facial Therapies

Spa Facials

Vitamin C Brightening Therapy

Lighten, brighten, tighten, and hydrate skin with this exclusive treatment featuring Mastiha. Soften fine lines/wrinkles, even skin tone, and boost hydration all-in-one treatment!


Pumpkin Plus Vitamin A Therapy

Nature's enzymatic treatment with a scientifically advanced AHA and Retinol combination. Lira Clinical's Hydrating Mineral Mask repairs skin before allowing potent pumpkin enzymes to naturally exfoliate. This treatment embodies Lira's philosophy of nature and science working together in harmony.

Mineral Retinol Hydration Therapy

This treatment offers Retinol radiance with healing Gold and Silver. Repair and strengthen skin with hydrating and protein rich Caviar. High efficiency products enable all skin types and conditions to see instant results.

Hydro-Calming Therapy

This is an excellent treatment for sensitive or red skin. The focus is on soothing, calming, and cooling the skin.

Acne Relief Therapy
See how healthy, balanced skin can be created with Lira's ICE Line. Problematic skin will benefit from the latest in topical probiotic and peptide technology.

Deep Pore Cleansing
This treatment focuses on blackhead treatment and exfoliation so skin will be clearer, smoother, and brighter.


Replenish Facial Therapy

This facial package combines one of the Premier Facial Therapies with Facial Sculpting and an Alginate Treatment Masque.


GLOW! iLuminating Spa Facial

Relax in luxury with this facial that will leave your skin glowing and looking refreshed.


iLuminating Spa Facial with Mini Peel

Step it up by adding a Mini Peel to the iLuminating Facial. This mild exfoliation primes skin by removing excess oil and bacteria for enhanced results. The mini peel combines a unique blend of acids to cleanse and reduce oil plus natural ingredients to balance and brighten skin.


Seaweed Glow Facial

Utilizing a combination of gentle exfoliators, seaweed, clay, and natural extracts, this treatment deep cleanses, brightens dull, sallow skin, and re-moisturizes.




Deep Cleansing Express Treatment

Gently Exfoliating AHA’s + Moisturizing Seaweed Filtrate + Deep Cleansing Clay = LUMINOUS Skin. Fortified with Glycolic Acid (AHA), Fruit Acid, Laminaria Digitata seaweed filtrate and other botanicals, this quick treatment helps reduce the appearance of fine lines while sloughing off dry skin, leaving it bright and glowing. Kaolin clay helps to deep cleanse and reduce excess oils.

Enzyme Refresh

Pure papaya enzyme provides a mild, vegetable-based peel. Based on papain, the proteolytic enzyme derived from the green papaya fruit, this works naturally to digest the surface protein of the skin to create a color and texture that’s much closer to younger skin. Gently removes uneven old skin cells, revealing brighter, younger skin while the new stabilizing technology allows for consistent results.


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