Blue Diamond Body and Skin uses product lines whose approach to renewing skin utilizes the very latest in cosmeceutical technologies and natural elements from land and sea. Plant stem cells, powerful designer peptides, topical probiotics, beautiful botanicals, essential minerals, and the most restorative anti-oxidants work synergistically to help revise signs of aging and give your skin nutrients to look younger and become more resilient. Our Licensed Esthetician will customize each treatment to suit the unique needs of your skin and your goals by selecting a combination of ingredients as needed, such as Vitamin C Brightening, Pumpkin Plus Vitamin A Anti-Aging, Mineral Retinol, Calming Hydration, Acne Relief, and Facial Sculpting.


Enliven your skin, boost hydration, and leave glowing with a refreshing facial, perfect for all skin types and seasons. There is no downtime, perfect before an event or vacation, and sun safe.





This treatment is the Deluxe Detox Facial for the entire face, neck, and chest. While most of our facial treatments include a little relaxing work for the neck and chest, this one includes a full treatment for those often neglected areas in addition to the face. A dynamic treatment with incredible results!





Upgrade your facial session with ​any of these amazing add-ons. They are also available as stand-alone Body Treatments; click here for more details.

Eye Treatment

$35  Wide Awake Firming and Brightening

Chest Treatment

$35  Gorgeous Renewal Decollete

Hand & Foot Micro-Peels

$35  Beautifully Bright Hand Treatment

$35  Soft Radiance Foot Treatment

Just You Sessions

$15  Rest Before

$15  Sleep After


If your skin is in need of more correction, deeper exfoliation or pore refinement, this treatment will give you the results you've been looking for. With the help of advanced solutions, these treatments offer a higher level of refinement to smooth the texture and tone of skin that is showing signs of aging to reduce pigmentation, acne congestion, and fine lines.




Relax in luxury with this facial refresher.





Click here for stand-alone Body Treatments.

Click here for additional Spa Package options, that include both massage, facial, and/or body treatments.


This groundbreaking facial drastically reduces fine lines and leaves your skin feeling and looking younger. Utilizing cutting-edge Nanotechnology, the pressure points of Acupressure, and the cool touch of Cold Therapy, this treatment delivers unparalleled results. It provides an immediate plumpness while also allowing for greater absorption of the nutrients introduced into the skin during the treatment. This treatment is customized for each guest for their specific indications and has no downtime.




Our professional chemical and enzyme resurfacing treatments are designed to stimulate exfoliation of epidermal skin cells and promote healthy collagen and elastin production. The end result is softer, smoother, clearer, brighter, younger looking skin with a reduction in pigmentation, acne and fine lines.  These treatments combine the best of science and nature to deliver skin rejuvenation at a cellular level and are loaded with a wide array of botanicals, antioxidants, and minerals to encourage healthy skin and reduce inflammation. Note: Chemical peels are only performed on pre-conditioned skin. Click here for more details.

Consultation: $30