At Blue Diamond Body and Skin, we are dedicated to achieving the best therapeutic outcome for each guest. Our Licensed Massage Therapist specializes in Preventative Regenerative Fasciology (PRF), which focuses on healthy fascia and neuromuscular optimization, using a combination of tools and techniques designed to help you feel better, move better, and look better.


As the first in the state of Arkansas to be trained as a PRF practitioner, she is excited to provide you with an evidence-based form of therapy that allows the detection and treatment of fascial restrictions and promotes remodeling and regeneration of soft tissue. These non-invasive techniques quickly identify and resolve soft tissue disorders that are not efficiently treated through conventional methods and are able to relieve pain, restore movement and range of motion, increase access to muscle power and improve muscle definition, and diminish physical effects of stress by releasing the soft-tissue restrictions. Results often include ease of pain, more freedom in movement, and decompression of the nervous system.


This therapeutic bodywork is beneficial for everyone. It is ideal for various types and causes of chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, range of motion restrictions, scar tissue, pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation, and much more. In many cases, restoring fascia to its optimal, hydrated, healthy state, especially when coupled with proper movement and exercise, means that more invasive procedures such as injections or surgery may be postponed or even avoided altogether.


Below, you will find helpful descriptions of various techniques and modalities that may be combined during your PRF massage therapy treatment. Click here for more detailed information regarding treatments, benefits, considerations, contraindications, and pre- and post-recommendations and guidelines.

Click here for more information on the importance of fascia to our everyday and long-term health and well-being.


Your therapist will review your submitted Health Intake prior to your appointment and then will consult with you before beginning your treatment to find out what your session goals are and how you are feeling at the time of your appointment to determine the most effective combination of various types of massage and bodywork techniques to achieve your best outcome. Based on your needs and goals as well as the session length, a treatment may include the upper body, lower body, or one or two specific areas. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions before booking your reservation.



Fascia is a sticky, web-like substance that attaches underneath the skin and is literally everywhere in the body. This connective tissue plays a role in every other system of the body; so, when it is unhealthy, it leads to restricted motion, pain, nervous system dysfunction, depression, and so much more. As the main component of PRF, Ashley Black's specially designed FasciaBlasting system is used to help reverse damage from injuries or postural deficiencies by "brushing" the tangles out of the fascia, thereby releasing adhesions and allowing the tissue to re-hydrate and be restored to optimal health, so you can take back control of your body. This myofascial massage work is beneficial for most everyone, as it can be very gentle or deep, depending on the condition of your tissue. Each session is customized based on your current goals and needs. Your therapist will use the FasciaBlaster tools to untangle fascial restrictions, relieve inflammation, and restore range of motion. Then, the treated area(s) is briskly massaged to help flush out the old, stagnant fluids and allow new blood and lymphatic fluid to bring healing nutrients and extra oxygen into the tissue. Depending on the length of your session, various trigger point reduction and muscle activation techniques may be used to help restore neuromuscular connections and fluidity of movement. TIPS: - We highly recommend that you schedule a Thermotherapy (heat) session to warm the area to be treated and induce relaxation, making the tissue more pliable and ready for treatment, as well as a Cryotherapy (cold) session at the end of your treatment to further reduce inflammation and activate the body's natural detox process. When booking online, you can book these as add-on services and/or make a note in the comments section of your scheduled massage service. - We also recommend choosing the Ashley Black oils and creams to enhance your experience. The Blaster Oil is infused with thermogenic properties to heat the tissue internally as well as help to burn fat and “melt” the tissue by converting stubborn fat storing cells into fat burning cells. The AfterBlaster Cream is a careful blend of arnica, aloe vera, and vitamin C, perfect for calming and stabilizing the skin, providing antioxidants to the tissue, and reducing inflammation. When booking online, you can book this as an enhancement and/or make a note in the comments section of your scheduled massage service. - For a full-body treatment plus extra attention given to a particular issue, (i.e., tight neck, shoulder blades, etc.) schedule a 90-minute or 2-hour session.



Swedish Massage is one of the most well-known types of massage. The techniques we use are designed to provide full body relief. Throughout the session, we work to gradually release nervous system stress and to relieve soft tissue tension, allowing the body to return to its natural state of homeostasis, or internal stability. Your therapist will use a combination of techniques including the long, gliding strokes of Swedish Massage, deeper fascial work where appropriate, and at times passive gentle stretching to promote the greatest health benefits and well-being. ​ These techniques are ideal for everyone, whether you are looking to manage pain, alleviate stiffness, reduce stress and anxiety, or to simply have some time to relax. ​ TIP: - If desired, a nourishing botanical oil and/or aromatherapy can be incorporated to further enhance relaxation and increase hydration of the skin. (+$15-$30 upgrade)

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CST is a gentle, light-touch technique that directly affects the Central Nervous System. Restrictions in the skeletal and fascial tissue in the cranium and the spine, as well as other parts of the body, are assisted to unwind, enabling the body's cerebrospinal fluid to flow more freely. Tensions deep in the body are released, resulting in relief of pain and dysfunction and improvement in whole-body health and performance. This treatment is beneficial for everyone of any age group. It is especially ideal for dysautonomia, fibromyalgia, and other nervous system disorders; autoimmune disorders; anxiety, depression, and PTSD; Ehlers Danlos Syndrome; anyone sensitive to depth of pressure; those who have trouble sleeping; and many, many more. CST can be performed on a fully clothed client or in combination with other types of massage. ​​To get the most benefit, we recommend 4 sessions within 2 to 4 weeks. This is true with most treatments but especially with CST. The regularity helps the nervous system calm even more and establish a good baseline for any necessary/desired ongoing treatment. TIPS: - When booking online, if you would like a full CST protocol, please note this in the comments. - For a full CST protocol combined with direct fascial work, schedule a 90-minute session. Or add CST to any other massage session to help the Nervous System deeply integrate the treatment results.

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Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. One of the oldest medical textbooks in the world, the Ebers Papyrus, describes how the ancient Egyptians used cupping therapy in 1,550 B.C. The Greek physician Hippocrates, often referred to as the "Father of Medicine", compiled descriptions of cupping techniques. The type of cupping our practitioners use involves placing plastic cups on the skin and using a pump to suction out the air, creating a vacuum that gently draws the skin, fascia, and muscle into the cup. The therapist then gently glides the cups along the surface, decompressing the tissue beneath (dynamic massage cupping). Cups may also be "parked" or left on the treatment area for 2-15 minutes (static cupping). A cupping treatment can be used for targeted areas, (e.g., back, thighs, shoulders, face, etc.), or on the full body, depending on goals, session length, and how conditioned the tissue is to this type of treatment (how often it is done). This decompression of the soft tissues that is created allows the body to pull old, stagnant fluids out for detox through the lymphatic system, as well as increasing blood flow and allowing new fluids with healing agents into the area. Some of the benefits include: release of old scars and fascial adhesions, decongestion of the lymph system, relief of muscle tension, reduction of inflammation, increase of pain thresholds, and boosting of cellular repair and immunity. It may also help form new connective tissues and create new blood vessels in the tissue.



This treatment is designed to reach the deep portions of thick muscles, specifically the individual muscle fibers. We focus on freeing the fascia around the muscles and using deep muscle compression, along with other techniques, to unstick muscle fibers and release toxins and deeply held patterns of tension. We work slowly through the layers so that we do not cause pain or bruising, and we only work as deep as the tissue is ready for. These sessions are ideal for athletes and people with active lifestyles. See below for our Deep Relief Packages.

young woman recieving a professional percussion massage on her lower back using the hand held Pure Wave by Pado massage tool


Percussion, also known as “Tapotement", has long been used along with traditional Swedish Massage strokes to relieve tight or tense muscles. Cupped hands and/or fingertips were used to alternate soft taps to the muscles. The human body loves vibration and typically responds very quickly and positively to techniques that employ it. Innovative technology has now brought us tools that assist us to deepen the benefits of this technique, and we are able to achieve deep tissue tension relief as well as address delicate tissue or sensitive areas. With this specially designed percussion instrument, we can completely customize your experience. - There are variable speeds and vibration intensities to affect various layers of muscle and fascial tissue from superficial to deep. - You can remain fully or partially clothed if desired. - Depending on session goals and length, this technique may be incorporated into treatments or can be booked as an add-on service. ($15 upgrade)




This splendid service includes a full body Therapeutic Wellness Massage plus a signature treatment to re-energize tired feet and ease stress. This popular enhancement consists of a gentle exfoliation, refreshing cleanser, hydrating lotion, mineral mud masque, hot towel wrap, moisturizing balm, and nourishing oil. Enjoy layer upon layer of delectable aromatherapy and tactile stimulation. If you prefer, the Soothing Mineral Back Treatment can be included instead of the foot treatment, or it can be added on as an additional upgrade.

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In our Deep Relief Scalp Massage, we use combinations of CranioSacral Therapy, fascial release, passive and active stretching, reflexology, and aromatherapy techniques to decrease tension, relieve pain, and increase range of motion in the muscles of the head and neck. Your treatment ends with a Cryotherapy Sleep After Session to aid the body with its natural detox process and deepen relaxation.



At times, most of us feel soreness and distress in our feet from our normal daily activities. Some of us have constant foot and ankle pain, and we're always searching for something to help. In our Deep Relief Foot Massage, we use combinations of massage, passive and active stretching, fascial release, reflexology, mobilization, and aromatherapy techniques to relieve pain, improve joint flexibility, and increase your access to the intricate muscles of your toes, ankles, and feet. Your treatment ends with a Cryotherapy Sleep After Session to aid the body with its natural detox process and deepen relaxation.



Find refuge from the hectic pace of life with this essential 2.5-hour spa package. Your treatment begins with the feet - first, a cleanse and gentle scrub to prepare the feet for a warm foot bath with a purifying moor mud herbal foot soak or a salt soak infused with essential oils and minerals. Next, you will enjoy a soothing and cozy Moisture Repair Body Wrap, bringing relief and hydration to tired or dry skin. Following that, you will receive a full body Therapeutic Wellness Massage with Nourishing Oil upgrade, and lastly you will end with a Sleep After session with your choice of a weighted blanket or Cryotherapy blanket.



Our Deep Relief Abdominal Massage is a gentle treatment that incorporates gliding and wringing strokes, fascial release, mobilization, aromatherapy and CranioSacral Therapy to help release tight tissues, provide more space in the abdominal cavity for the organs to move more freely, increase circulation, aid digestion, and alleviate heartburn symptoms. Your treatment ends with a Cryotherapy Sleep After Session to aid the body with its natural detox process and deepen relaxation.



Strengthen your body and refresh your mind with this specialized treatment that combines all Deep Relief services. Your session begins with a Deep Relief moor mud and arnica-soaked hot towel compress for the abdomen to help increase circulation and remove toxins. While this compress sets, you will receive a CranioSacral scalp massage, inducing total body relaxation. Next is an essential oil and botanical-based repair treatment for the hands and feet. In addition to the skin benefits, the warmth from the hot towels will prepare the fascia and muscles for deeper work. As these masques set, a signature blend of peppermint and lavender essential oils is massaged into your abdomen. After the hot towels are removed from your hands and feet, you will move to a chair for a replenishing footbath. At the same time, your therapist provides myofascial release for your hands. Then, you will move back to the treatment table for detailed work, using several techniques to further relieve pain, improve joint flexibility, and increase your access to the intricate muscles of your hands and feet. And finally, your Deep Relief session will be completed with a Cryotherapy Sleep After treatment to reinvigorate your entire body. Throughout the treatment session, various products containing Arnica, Boswellia, ILEX, and other essential oils and botanical ingredients will be used to revitalize and soothe overworked and overused muscles as well as provide pain relief for arthritic joints. And the refreshing, stimulating fragrances provide an invigorating sensation for the entire body.



This slow-paced therapeutic massage combines techniques from all of our massage and bodywork options. These sessions are designed to release deep-seated tensions and restrictions in the connective tissues and muscles in order to restore neuromuscular balance. The treatment incorporates a signature back compress that includes deep moor mud wrapped with arnica and mineral salt-infused warm towels to encourage circulation and relieve inflammation.



In our Deep Relief Hand Massage, we use combinations of massage, passive and active stretching, fascial release, reflexology, mobilization, and aromatherapy techniques to relieve pain, improve joint flexibility, and increase your access to the intricate muscles of your hands, fingers, and forearms. Your treatment ends with a Cryotherapy Sleep After Session to aid the body with its natural detox process and deepen relaxation.

Candles & Plants


Massage and Bodywork

$65    30-min session

$85    45-min session

$100   60-min session

$130   90-min session

$190   2-hour session

Massage Spa Packages

$140   Serenity (60-min)

$170   Serenity (90-min)

$140   Muscle Ease (60-min)

$170   Muscle Ease (90-min)

$230  Muscle Ease (2-hour)

$275  Sanctuary (2.5 hour)

Deep Relief Massage Packages

$90   Deep Relief - Scalp

$90   Deep Relief - Abdomen

$90   Deep Relief - Hands

$90   Deep Relief - Feet

$235  Vitality Deep Relief Package



Enhance your massage session by incorporating ​any of these amazing upgrades or add-ons. Click here for enhancement details.

Muscle & Joint Relief

$40  Deep Relief Mineral Compress

$40  Hot Towels and Arnica Oil

$30  Massage Cupping

$15  Percussion Therapy

Smoothing & Moisturizing

$40  Revitalizing Mineral Hand Treatment

$40  Revitalizing Mineral Foot Treatment

$40  Soothing Mineral Back Treatment

$20  Hydrating Hand Mask

$20  Exfoliating Foot Mask

$20  Renewal Eye Mask

$20  Revivify Face Mask

$20  MatteMUD Face Mask

$20 Collagen Hydrogel Neck & Chest Mask


$25  Replenishing Foot Soak

$85  Deluxe Foot Soak Replenishing Pkg

Just You Sessions

$15   Rest Before

$15   Sleep After

These sessions include Thermotherapy (heat), Cryotherapy (cold), or Weighted blanket


$20  Nourishing Scalp Massage

$15   Essential Oils (varies)



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