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At Blue Diamond Body and Skin, we are dedicated to achieving the best therapeutic outcome for each guest. Our Licensed Massage Therapist specializes in Preventative Regenerative Fasciology (PRF), which focuses on healthy fascia and neuromuscular optimization, using a combination of techniques, tools, and products designed to help you feel better, move better, and look better.


As the first in the state of Arkansas to be trained as a Preventative Regenerative Fasciology (PRF) practitioner and Certified Blaster by Ashley Black's Fascia Advancement Academy, she is excited to provide you with a results-based form of therapy that allows the detection and treatment of fascial restrictions and promotes remodeling and regeneration of soft tissue. These non-invasive techniques quickly identify and resolve soft tissue disorders that are not efficiently treated through conventional methods and are able to relieve pain, restore movement and range of motion, increase access to muscle power and improve muscle definition, and diminish the physical effects of stress by releasing soft-tissue restrictions.


During each treatment, your therapist also focuses on bringing the Central Nervous System into a more relaxed state, helping it to gradually stop sending the signals that cause the fascia and muscles to become tight and overactive. This allows the soft tissues to unwind and work in better harmony throughout the numerous systems of the body. In addition, the compassionate touch received during relaxation massage, therapeutic bodywork, and skincare facial treatments has been shown to trigger the brain’s four feel-good, pain-killing neurotransmitters: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins, or DOSE. This boost in happiness hormones assists your body to start making the shift from stress and tension to relaxation and healing.


Below, you will find helpful descriptions of the treatment modalities and packages we offer. If you are unsure of which one to book, just pick one that is within your time and money budgets. Your therapist will review your submitted Health Intake prior to your appointment and will consult with you before beginning your treatment to find out what your session goals are and how you are feeling at the time of your appointment to customize your session and address your unique needs and preferences.


IMPORTANT: Click here for more detailed information regarding treatment benefits, considerations, contraindications, and pre- and post-recommendations and guidelines.​


When booking your reservation, choose from Integrated, FasciaBlasting, CranioSacral, and Scar Release Therapies.


Microcurrent Point Stimulation, Cupping, and Percussion are enhancements that are incorporated into these therapeutic sessions.


We have provided some introductory information about each of these below to explain the benefits and reasons why we employ these techniques and tools.

2017-12-26 (3).jpg

CST is a gentle, light-touch technique that directly affects the Central Nervous System. Restrictions in the skeletal and fascial tissue in the cranium and the spine, as well as other parts of the body, are assisted to unwind, enabling the body's cerebrospinal fluid to flow more freely. Tensions deep in the body are released, resulting in relief of pain and dysfunction and improvement in whole-body health and performance.

Click here for more details.

massage-cupping-Image by Ryan Hoyme from Pixabay.jpg

This ancient form of alternative medicine provides decompression of the soft tissues, using plastic cups and a pump to create a gentle vacuum. Benefits include release of old scars and fascial adhesions, decongestion of the lymph system, relief of muscle tension, reduction of inflammation, increase of pain thresholds, and boosting of cellular repair and immunity.

Click here for more details.

Upper Back Massage

Our Integrated Massage and Bodywork Therapy sessions bring elements together from all the various modalities, techniques, tools, and products we employ to create efficiency in providing total body relief and functionality. By improving your neuromyofascial connections, this treatment helps eliminate or manage pain, alleviate stiffness and restore range of motion, improve movement quality, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Click here for more details.

Image by Shane

An adhesion in one area will affect other areas, impeding muscle function and fascia, and resulting in compensation patterns and pain. Releasing these can improve mobility, diminish complications, and decrease pain because that restriction in the flow of energy, blood circulation, and lymph drainage is now gone. The body can then complete the healing process no matter how old the scar is.

Click here for more details.

Pecussion Massage.png

The human body loves vibration and typically responds very quickly and positively to techniques that employ it. Innovative technology has now brought us tools that assist us to deepen the benefits. Using a percussion instrument at a setting that is comfortable for you, the vibratory percussion increases blood flow and stimulates mechanoreceptors to achieve deep tissue tension relief.

Click here for more details.


Ashley Black's specially designed FasciaBlasting system is used to help reverse damage from injuries or postural deficiencies by "brushing" the tangles out of the fascia, thereby releasing adhesions and allowing the tissue to re-hydrate, re-nourish, and be restored to optimal health. Take back control of your body with treatment and personal coaching from the only Certified Blaster in Arkansas.

Click here for more details.

Back Massage

This integrative therapy was developed to down-regulate Autonomic Nervous System fight-or-flight stress responses and manage chronic pain. By applying brief, concentrated microcurrent impulses to specific treatment points, we can mimic and stimulate the body's natural healing currents. This unique therapy provides highly effective, all-natural relief from chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.

Click here for more details.


30-minute treatment: $75

45-minute treatment: $105

60-minute treatment: $125

90-minute treatment: $165

2-hour treatment: $225



Mineral Compress for the Back: $20

Rest Before / Sleep After session: $15 ea

Note: The prices listed are the full price of the treatment. We do not accept tips and there is no sales tax on spa services.

Image by Cristian Palmer


The following information provides details about our specialized treatment packages, which focus on the fascia and muscles of specific areas. Muscle Ease gives extra attention to the back. Deep Relief focuses on the abdomen, scalp and neck, hands, or feet; Vitality brings these together into one robust package. Upgrade any of the Deep Relief services with a mineral compress for the back.

scalp massage.jpg


Using customized combinations of products and techniques, we help you to decrease tension, relieve pain, and increase range of motion in the superficial and deep muscles of your head and neck.

45-minute session: $105

Click here for treatment details.



Strengthen your body and refresh your mind with this specialized treatment that combines all Deep Relief therapeutic treatments with mineral compresses, hot towels, and more.

Click here for package details.


Muscle Ease Massage.jpeg


Release deep-seated tensions and restrictions in the connective tissues and muscles with therapeutic bodywork and  anti-inflammatory Deep Moor compress.

Available in

60-min to 2-hr sessions: $145-$245

Click here for treatment details.



Using customized combinations of products and techniques, we help you to relieve pain, improve joint flexibility, and increase your access to the intricate muscles of hands, fingers, and forearms.


45-minute session: $105

Click here for treatment details.

Hugging a Pillow


This treatment is designed to improve the central sensitization that is characteristic of fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions or for anyone suffering from stress or anxiety.

Click here for package details.




A gentle treatment to release tight tissues, provide more space in the abdominal cavity for the organs to move more freely, increase circulation, aid digestion, and alleviate heartburn symptoms.

45-minute session: $105

Click here for treatment details.



Using customized combinations of products and techniques, we help you to relieve pain, improve joint flexibility, and increase your access to the intricate muscles of your toes, ankles, and feet.

45-minute session: $105

Click here for treatment details.



Click here for stand-alone Body Treatments.

Click here for additional Spa Package options, that include relaxation massage, facial, and/or body treatments.

Click here for details about FasciaBlasting tools and accessories.

Click here to book your reservation online.


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