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What is a Facial?

What is a facial? Most people would agree that a good facial can be more relaxing than a massage and can, in fact, result in total-body decompression, all the way from your head to your toes. Who doesn't need that? But what about the skin part?

After we determine your skin type, condition, and goals, we'll use a variety of treatments and protocols, including massage to release tension in the fascia and muscles, cleanse impurities, exfoliate dead skin cells, rehydrate thirsty skin, moisturize dry skin, balance oily skin, calm sensitive skin, address acne and blackheads, soften wrinkles, brighten dull, lifeless skin, help smooth uneven texture, lighten unwanted pigmentation, and protect against the harmful UV and pollution that we encounter every day from our environment, the devices we use (yes, including our phones), and outdoor exposure. Did you know a facial could do so much? And that only scratches the surface!

Our skin is an active immune organ, so healthy skin is an essential component of our immune system. Since the skin is considered to be the body’s largest organ and first line of defense against unwanted invaders, it only makes sense to take care of it, right? Who can benefit from a facial? Anyone with skin! It’s that simple. Women, men, and even young ones can benefit from learning to care for their skin at an early age, making it part of their normal healthcare routine growing up.



At Blue Diamond Body and Skin, we use product lines whose approach to renewing skin utilizes the very latest in cosmeceutical technologies and natural elements from land and sea. Plant stem cells, powerful designer peptides, topical probiotics, beautiful botanicals, essential minerals, and the most restorative antioxidants work synergistically to help revise signs of aging and give your skin nutrients to look younger and become more resilient. Our full suite of specialized ingredients and treatments inspire regeneration, brilliance, and youth without causing inflammation.

Specialized techniques - such as Preventative Regenerative Fasciology (FasciaBlasting), Microcurrent therapy, and Green Power a natural alternative to Collagen Induction Therapy (Microneedling) / Microdermabrasion - are used to restore, balance, and lift the skin of the face, neck, and chest. Schedule an appointment today to see how we can help you achieve your healthiest skin!



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