Most people easily recognize that fitness is important for physical, mental, and emotional health. But there's one organ in particular that physical exercise can only go so far in helping - Your Skin. It needs more than physical activity to keep it in shape, but it is every bit as important for our physical, mental, and emotional health. But there are so many different treatments and products out there. So how do you cut through the noise to know just what your skin needs? Let me be your personal trainer! I spend my days in a treatment room, helping people just like you get to know their skin better and how to show it the proper love. Your Skin Health is my Specialty!

The Skin Fitness Boot Camp is a series of "workouts" for the skin, similar to what you would do for the body. We begin with a warm-up treatment to analyze the condition of your skin. Next session, we improve the skin's "cardio" health with a more progressive treatment. Third, we initiate strength training with another corrective treatment. And finally, we do a cool down treatment to end the series and re-evaluate to determine if additional correction or maintenance treatments are needed. Daily nourishment, conditioning, and protection utilizing powerhouse home-care products is essential during this process in achieving desired results; you can think of this as the nutritional supplement portion of your fitness regimen.